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President Chemical was officially incorporated in 1979. With 30 years of our business growth in textile industry, we are one of the top-five textile chemical suppliers and a major supplier of auxiliaries, chemicals and dyestuffs products to most leading textile manufacturers in Thailand. At present, we also expand our successful business in other high progressive fields of industries; such as, automotive industry, chemical industry, etc. Utilizing its solid and valuable experience built up over the 3 decade long operating years, President Chemical has undergone extensive expansion and constant development to meet the specific requirements of its ever-increasing group of clients.

At President Chemical, nothing holds higher priority than our clients’ success and satisfaction. Consequently, we have assiduously developed and maintained close relationships with excellent local and international business alliances with the likes of STC NICCA, NICCA (Japan), S.M.S Group (Taiwan), The Birla Group (India), TOA Resin (Taiwan), Transpek-silox (India), ENCON (India), Walki Group (Finland), Konishiyasu (Japan) and AGC Matex; all specialists of their fields and products, to ensure the provision of high quality raw materials. 

About the acquirement of the latest equipment and sophisticated technology, President Chemical is able to operate from its own modern infrastructure that consists of warehouses, delivery unit, textile dyestuffs laboratory unit and various facilities. In addition, international banks, such as Bangkok Bank and Sumitomo Bank have recognized President Chemical stability and potential for further growth by providing full financial support.

Our strength also lives in all of our personnel of young bloods, who have extended our tradition of service and integrity to companies in every location and situation, and who take pride in making us one of the most resilient resources in Thailand's textile industry. 

May we be part of your success.

  With years of operation experiences, President Chemical Co., Ltd. pay our most important attention to our clients. We focus on the meaningful commitment with clients to gain their trust-worthy loyalty. All of our clients are treated as warm business partners. We can truly say that our service is to build customers’ satisfaction.

As we endeavor to be part of their success, we develop and grow our business by our hard-working in-house training and co-operating R&D with customers to meet the best needs of them. Since our company contains a good connection with all of our great amount of suppliers, therefore, we can fulfill various kinds of desire.

With all the information above, you can be guaranteed that, we - the President Chemical Co., Ltd. only offers our clients the best prices, prompt and punctual delivery and service that truly offers total satisfaction.
  To be the Top-Three Chemical and Dyestuffs supplier in the textile industry in 2014, as well as expanding our business to non-textile industry.

Our success comes along with friendship with our suppliers and customers.





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