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We are the distributor for Arvind Composites, an advanced & integrated composite design, development and manufacturing facility, is the one stop destination for FRP/ GRP Composite Solutions. From the simplest to the most complex application, Arvind is equipped to deliver excellence.

FRP is “brilliantly corrosion-resistant and durable”, “strong, light and does not get rusty” and “stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum.”

FRP is made by the glass fiber as reinforcing materials, and thermosetting resin as matrix.  Therefore we can get the mechanical characteristics, the chemical and the physical character which aren’t obtained by general plastics.

FRP Characteristics
Light Weight
FRP is very light and specific gravity is ¼ of steel.  The installation on narrow ground and the roof is also easy.
Corrosion resistance
FRP has high strength compared with metallic materials.  It is useful the salt damage region.
High strength
FRP has high strength compared with other plastic materials.  It is possible to use it as a structural material.
Weather resistance
FRP shows high weather resistance by fluorine resin court.





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