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Auxiliary for Textile
Special Chemicals
Basic Chemicals
Plating Chemicals
Cleaning Agent
Flame Retardant
Fluorocarbon Paint
Energy Saving Fan
AGC FRP Products
PeelFoam & PET Film
Fuel Oil
Lubricant Oil


President Chemical Co., Ltd. has a solid background and long experience in textile industry for more than 60 years. Our business is to supply high quality of raw material for industrial sector.

In present, we have a main business in textile industry. Our products mostly are auxiliaries, chemicals, and dyestuffs. In addition to that, we also supply some raw materials into other industries, such as automotive, plating, chemical, metal working, plastic, food, electronic, and paper. Recently, we promote energy saving products such as FRP energy saving fan and high durable FRP products, such as FRP grating. We also promote substitute, alternative energy products like recycle fuel oil, save oil and bio fuel. One of our objectives is to expand our business to any other fields.





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