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1. Coating agent

We are the distributor for TOA-Resin (Taiwan) which is now the manufacturer and distributor of synthetic resin based raw materials for both domestic and foreign markets. Special chemical is a variety of specialty resin and coating, used for additional qualification of products.
2. Reducing Agent

Generally, Hydrosulfite is being used for reducing agent, decolorizing agent and bleaching agent. However, we found many problems of it such as unstable storage life in powder form, obnoxious sulfurous acid gas, adsorption of moisture , decomposes very quickly in aqueous solution, etc. D-WASH, Biocare Liq., RW-44, and Navaux Reduction RC-A, with its excellent characteristic of reducing agent, shows high reduction potential in aqueous solution and longer stable storage life. D-WASH, Biocare Liq., RW-44, and Navaux Reduction RC-A can help to improve your dyeing process and quality control.

We now have many supstitution products that can replace Sodium Hydrosulfie, such as D-Wash, RW-44, and Navaux Reduction RCA.
3. Special Chemical

  3.1  Free radical catcher, PRENOLON FRC

A free radical is any atom or molecule that has a single unpaired electron in a chemical reaction. A few free radicals are not chemically reactive; most free radical electrons will be obstruced with chemical reactions such as pretreatment process, dyeing process, or finishing process.

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  3.2  Wet rubbing fast improver, NEOFIX IR-77

A new wet rubbing fastness improver for cellulosics and blends fiber. This product is without the use of harmful chemicals. NEOFIX IR-77 is improved for the wet rubbing fastness of dyeing with reactive dyes.

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  3.3  Moisture Management, NAVAUX HYDROPHILIC AC-TF

Improve the moisture management for Polyester fabric, yarn and fiber. It can improve fabric touching and also making a good hand feel of fabrics.

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  3.4  Oligomer blocker

Many Polyester dyeing houses are still facing Oligomer problems, especially Polyester yarn dyeing. Many chemical companies have tried to research new solutions to solve this problem, which is still being with Polyester. Our new innovation, Oliglomer Bloker, manages the Oligomer problem.

YUSOFT HR 200 H/C and PO-300

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  3.5  Free Fluoro Carbon

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